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I got a scammer to send me their Bitcoin address and Paypal account. What can I do to report them?

I reached the 'pay now' point in a transaction, at which point I directed the scammer to contact my 'personal assistant' (one of my other scambaiting mailboxes). The scammer has given me their Bitcoin address and PayPal account. Is there anything I can do to report them?
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Can we promote non-profit organization on our youtube channel?

I know that we can link Patreon, Paypal, Bitcoin address, etc, in the description, but what about an external link (website or paypal) linking to a non-profit organization (in our case it's an Animal Sanctuary that help dogs in Thailand) and that we are getting close with.
And what about talking about the organization in our videos? We have 5 dogs ourselves and they are part of our reaction videos. I know that a video can get demonetize if you ask people to donate, but if you just talk about a Patreon tier where a % of the $ would go to the Foundation, will that video get demonetize?
If we do not monetize a video, can we freely talk about the organization? I know that people can apply for non-profit on Youtube and such but we are not heading that direction, we are a reaction channel that want to sneak it some informations about a foundation that we value greatly, without being the core of the video (30s or so).
I will do more research right now but if some of you have been in that situation plz let us know what we can and cannot do.
Thx you!
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Hey I am a songwriter I can make a song on any topic for 20$ in just 3 hours otherwise money will be refundable.If anyone intrrested, Message me here I will reply in just some time I accept money in botcoin and paypal Bitcoin address: 32Hh79tnKkb8DgsNdBTy1y52XKysXoBBr2 Paypal link:
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Best low-fee way (can do 1%) to buy $100 of bitcoin per transaction ANONYMOUSLY (aside from card or paypal address being known) with paypal or a credit card right now? Been searching for about an hour already. Thanks in advance!

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[TASK] Buy a Sim Card from H20 Wireless and use my address while ordering. I dont have a US registered credit card so i can not purchase it online. 10$ Paypal, Bitcoin

I will go on vacation to the us in about 2 weeks. I will need a sim card but i am unable to purchase it online. My plan is to mail it to my host before i arrive so everything is ready to activate once im there.
Your task would be to order it on their website and i will provide you with the address.
The sim cards a free and there is only a shipping fee of 5$.
I will give you 15$ via Paypal. 10$ for you
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01-14 09:33 - 'I open [belfrics], I choose the bitcoin-to-usd option, I enter my paypal account and the bitcoin amount I intend to sell and I click the button "SELL BTC". / Then belfics gives me a [btc address] to which I send the btc.' by /u/auntika removed from /r/Bitcoin within 281-291min

I open [belfrics]1 , I choose the bitcoin-to-usd option, I enter my paypal account and the bitcoin amount I intend to sell and I click the button "SELL BTC".
Then belfics gives me a [btc address]2 to which I send the btc.
Context Link
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Author: auntika
1: be***icstrade.*o*/usd.p*p 2: i.i**g**D**E.png
Unknown links are censored to prevent spreading illicit content.
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Far-Right Activist Tommy Robinson Shares His Bitcoin Address After PayPal Ban

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Online financial and personal information security discussion

Hey everyone, I'm trying to gather some opinions on the importance of financial and personal information security when paying for things online. I recently read a statistic that ~25% of Americans see their concern for the protection of financial and personal information as a barrier to paying online. I'm really confused about how high this percentage is. We have so many payment gateways like Paypal, AmazonPay, Apple Pay etc. Why does this problem still persist with so many secure solutions? Also, If there was a payment gateway that offered anonymity, i.e where only your address was seen by merchants, would this be valuable to online shoppers vs traditional methods like PayPal. I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Also checkout my survey if your interested,
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📣 Avoid 710Gavin 📣

u/710Gavin is spamming folks with messages with sales of watches such as Datejusts and alleged builds by u/babanj.
Baba has also made a post regarding Gavin:
This scammer already has several victims. I have banned him from this subreddit. However, you must stay vigilant, as he or his ilk may return using alt accounts. The victims were taken unawares due to lack of knowledge about scam tactics and verification rules.
Please, please do not purchase ANYTHING without getting moderator verification. I ache seeing pain and stress caused by malicious villains such as Gavin.
Advice for avoiding scams:
Stay safe and stay alert. Cheers ☘️
P.S: please report any suspected scammer to mods and help keep the community clean
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Any update regarding the PayPal alternative?

Is there any new info? I think the last one was that BitPay was rejected, almost everybody recommended BTCPayServer but since then it hasn't been mentioned in any monthly updates. Please, please, let's make it happen. PayPal is still evil, no new updates there.
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Wikimedia NYC has promoted their Bitcoin address to the home page (listed before Paypal option too)

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Is there a website that will convert PayPal/Credit Card money and then send it to a Bitcoin address automatically?

I want to donate to the guy who made no$gba and he only accepts Bitcoins. My Bitcoin wallet is as dry as it can be and I'm not particularly wanting to invest in it (yet). What I'm looking for is simply a website where I can enter a destination address, enter the amount and then pay it via PayPal and it will handle the rest and my money is sent to the address I specified already converted to Bitcoin.
Also while I'm posting this I may as well ask now, is there a Bitcoin wallet client that doesn't download the whole blockchain? (The client itself and my wallets are on my computer locally but the blockchain it uses is on the internet instead to save hard drive space.)
At least tell me why you downvoted. :(
Oh well, I've just decided get in on Bitcoin once and for all.
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🔥Not your keys, not your coins : Why you should not use Paypal for Bitcoin

Today, PayPal announced that they will be launching a cryptocurrency digital wallet for buying, selling and storing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.
This confirms rumors which circulated earlier this year, and it is seen as a significant milestone by many in the community.
A milestone it may be, but it will impact millions of daily users who have, until now, never considered getting into cryptocurrency. For them, PayPal will be the leading authority in a space that it has long sought to discredit.
Over 221 Billion dollars were transacted in Q2 of 2020 using Paypal. That represents a rise of 10% in volume in just six months. PayPal is growing and dominating online payments as well as other services such as credit and insurance.
It has a long-established reputation of occasionally freezing user funds and censoring payments that conflict with its outlook but the payments giant continues to hold relevance where Bitcoin should have long overtaken it. Perhaps this news marks the beginning of a transition?
Is PayPal’s announcement good news for Bitcoin? Until very recently, PayPal was anti-crypto. Writing in 2018, ex-CEO Bill Harris called Bitcoin “the greatest scam ever”, so what’s changed?
This sudden turnaround is encouraging, especially as private companies like Microstrategy and Square make grandiose announcements about their own crypto diversification.
Should the community embrace them with open arms? After all, this is the start of mass adoption we’ve all been waiting for, right?
When a household brand like PayPal starts selling Bitcoin, it’s probably not because they want to spur healthy adoption. In the press release announcing their new cryptocurrency service, PayPal sends out mixed messages.
On one hand, the service will be entirely custodial, meaning users will not have the key to their own coins, while on the other they intend to “provide account holders with educational content to help them understand the cryptocurrency ecosystem”. The idea that anyone informed about bitcoin would agree to not holding their private keys might indicate that this educational content will overlook the fundamental rule of “Not your keys; not your coins”.
If millions of newcomers are onboarded to Bitcoin by PayPal, there could be a very serious information gap that jeopardizes their experience and undermines key principles of cryptocurrency.
This statement from their FAQ is, in practical terms, false: “You own the Cryptocurrency you buy on PayPal but will not be provided with a private key.” No-one should consider money held entirely by a third party as owned by them.
Time after time, exchanges have lost user funds, often leaving them with no recourse. A benefit for some will be a promise of greater regulation, where funds can be insured and new users may feel more comfortable than dealing with cryptocurrency exchanges directly, but they will be restricted from actually utilizing their coins. The only reasons to own Bitcoin which cannot be used, would be to invest for the long term, which is incredibly reckless to do when your funds are held by a third party, or speculate on its price, which again, would be introducing the masses to financial mechanisms they do not understand.
Is PayPal positioned to be a cryptocurrency leader? As it steps into the forefront, PayPal will be closely watched by companies, institutions, and consumers. While they can boast of “digital payments expertise”, they have historically taken an aggressive stance against users who bought cryptocurrency on exchanges, citing their acceptable use policy, forbidding transactions which “involve currency exchanges or check cashing businesses”.
The fact that this clause remains in their policy suggests that they intend to limit users to use only their platform for cryptocurrency, stifling competition and preventing users from ever withdrawing their cryptocurrency to the safety of a wallet they control the keys to. That said, there is something to be said for PayPal’s statement that they will “enable cryptocurrency as a funding source for digital commerce at its 26 million merchants”. Currently, the options for cryptocurrency funding are in their infancy, and Bitcoin loans could see future growth. There is only one thing about PayPal’s announcement that long-term hodlers will be celebrating today: the pump in price. Long-term, if PayPal proceeds without consulting the community and letting their users control their own keys, it offers no value to the space.
The greatest risk is that the clout they carry in traditional electronic payments will be interpreted as expertise in crypto. This would threaten the expert advice so carefully crafted by our community, which could be drowned out by the misinformed masses that PayPal brings to the space. For now, no-one can tell how it will turn out, but there are big concerns to address before informed users will turn to PayPal.
Welcome PayPal’s initiative with open arms, but by no means look to them for leadership. At best, this announcement indicates that they may fear sinking into irrelevance.
*Do not use PayPal for Bitcoin; there are many other places to buy crypto which will let you keep ownership of your coins. *
PayPal is conceding to Bitcoin, and the many other aspirational, educational projects within the community should be highlighted to prevent newcomers from falling into a trap of trusting one of Bitcoin’s greatest long-term adversaries.
Source :
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07-18 07:02 - '1QKnsd6LAigjMuc6vW2yfvw1srxHfXudYG / Sent it here n I'll send you a check or usd PayPal or western unction. at current btc prices of $2150. Just include ur mailing address. Dead serious. U got btc, I got ur cash. Pm if I...' by /u/Cointrover5y removed from /r/Bitcoin within 121-131min

Sent it here n I'll send you a check or usd PayPal or western unction. at current btc prices of $2150. Just include ur mailing address. Dead serious. U got btc, I got ur cash. Pm if I have any other questions.
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Author: Cointrover5y
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[H] Selling: $163.74 Gift Card balance 25% OFF!!! -- Offer to sell you directly ecodes or amazon orders direct to your email personal address of your choice ESCROW ONLY -- Currently Accepting: BITCOIN or PAYPAL (Instant Verified PP only!)

Selling: $163.74 Gift Card balance (entirely) -- able to purchase e-code gift cards live with buyer and send direct to your e-mail or send packages -- Payment: BITCOIN or PayPal. This isn't a distressed account or some attempt to commit fraud or cash out or carding--this is MY personal account with amazon (I don't mind using escrow during the sale via etc AND provide my own selfie + ID to prove ownership of Amazon account and balance). This should be a no brainer quick scoop for any one who can help me just get my car payment made today lol I need to liquidate the funds from amazon--of course I am willing to do a 25% SAVINGS!!
Reach me via private message here on Reddit (but I often am tardy to replying to those) so your best bet would be to e-mail [email protected] OR using my live chat client online at
Account Balance Proof (screenshot):
Regards, //art1k || from reddit
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Last Tuesday, over 300k people were made homeless in the Beirut explosion. Join us in giving directly to reputable organizations.

What happened?

On August 4, 2020, multiple explosions occurred in Beirut's port, destroying half the city and killing hundreds. Even now a large number of people are missing, thousands are injured, and over 300,000 people have lost their homes, including 80,000 children. The explosion was so big that it was heard and felt in in the nations of Cyprus and Syria next door. The devastation of the explosion, equivalent to over 1.2 kilotons of TNT, was so complete that even houses outside of Beirut were damaged. It was one of the biggest non-nuclear explosions in history, and the biggest of the last 50 years.
The explosion destroyed half of the city, including busy hospitals. Doctors in the midst of operating were forced to work by the flashlights of their cell phones. The explosion killed several foreign nationals, including French, German, Canadian, American, and Australian citizens.
This tragedy is personal to the /Showerthoughts team, specifically myself. Being Lebanese and seeing the tragedy first hand is really different than seeing it on TV. People were literally searching through the rubble for their loved ones and pets. There were people with blood all over them just sitting on the ground next to their destroyed homes, silent and in shock. It was all so surreal.
Last time /Showerthoughts came together for a charity drive, the response was inspiring and raised over 10k USD. We hope to once again come together and put the generosity and good spirit of this subreddit towards a very urgent cause.

How to Help

In collaboration with the mods of /Lebanon, the following is a list of charities and NGOs inside Lebanon which we have researched and verified

Other Ways to Help

You can raise awareness about the disaster by sharing videos of it on your social media accounts. Please note that those videos are graphic, as they show the moment the explosion happened.
You can check out some of the videos in this list.
The Beirut Explosion Megathread will have up-to-date information for people within Lebanon and for those who would like to help.
Even if you cannot donate yourself, please share these charities and promote the cause!
Huge thanks to the mods of /Lebanon and especially ThePerito for their contributions in this campaign.
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A proposal: credit card companies, paypal et al should allow buyers to register receiving bitcoin addresses.

Currently, selling bitcoins using paypal or credit cards is not feasible because even if the payment processors allow it, the buyer can claim fraud and apply a chargeback. If buyers were required to register their bitcoin addresses with the banks (or paypal) using a yet-to-be-defined secure verification mechanism, then buyers will not be able to claim fraud as a justification for the chargeback.
This is a win-win-win for all concerned - banks get more business and the buyer and seller get to complete their transaction.
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Vendors List! New Buyers Mini Guide, Please Read!

edit date: 27/09/2020

Please read the entire post before posting a new thread, or messaging a vendor.


General Rule!
Spores of the Cubensis (or any "active" species) are for MICROSCOPE USE ONLY. Microscopy is the study of spores under the microscope, where you can study their unique features.
If you discuss cultivation of active species your post will be deleted and you WILL be temporarily/permanently banned from sporetraders and sporeswap !!

Contents of this post:

  1. List of Vendors
  2. How to message a vendor
  3. Leaving a review

Trusted vendors:

SF - Ships from
ST - Ships to


SF: BC, Canada
ST: Worldwide


SF: Tennessee, US
ST: US only


ST: Spore syringes - US Only; Other products -Worldwide




SF: Florida, US
ST: US Only


ST: Worldwide








(old acc: GalindoiShaman)

SF: Ohio, US
ST: Worldwide; Exclusions - Iran, North Korea




SF: Western Oregon
ST: Worldwide; Exclusion - Philippines; Saudi Arabia


SF: Arizona, US
ST: Worldwide


(old acc: OCESpores-R-us)

SF: Australia
ST: Worldwide


SF: Oregon, US
ST: Worldwide


SF: Florida, US
ST: Worldwide; Exclusions - Tel Aviv, South Korea, Russia


ST: Worldwide




SF: The Virgin Islands
ST: Worldwide




SF: Tennessee, US
ST: US only

u/Becpip (Currently unavailable)

SF: Australia
ST: Australia only


ST: Worldwide; Exclusion - Australia


SF: Vancouver Island,Canada
ST: Worldwide


SF: Ottawa, Canada
ST: Worldwide


SF: Nevada, US
ST: Worldwide








ST: US only








(old acc: ValhallaSpores)

ST: Worldwide


SF: Albuquerque, NM
ST: Worldwide













u/mycolayculkin - Canadian Vendor









SF: Louisiana
ST: US, Canada






SF: Canada
ST: US, Canada/Mexico

New Vendors:

These vendors are unconfirmed. Please proceed at your own risk. This is just to increase the exposure of new vendors!!!:


Messaging a vendor:

How to message on a mobile
How to message on a Desktop
Composition of your message to the vendor
Addressee's Name
Street Address or P.O. Box number
City or Town
3) Your method of payment, e.g. Paypal, Venmo, Cashapp, Credit Card, BitCoin (for those vendors that accept them)
In my experience vendors are more than happy to answer your questions/doubts. Please DO NOT ask any questions regarding cultivation.
Leaving Feedback
It really helps the Vendors as well as potential buyers out!
Notes: My samples arrived in less than two weeks! Samples were exactly what I expected. They were labelled and everything was very professional!
Vendors who have achieved trusted vendors status, please direct message me, and i'll be more than happy to add you to the list. If you'd like a notation added regarding the country/countries you ship from please send me a direct message.
If you are a new vendor, please do not message me or the other mods. Only other mods can request me to add new vendors to the list. This is only to prevent scamming.
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Raoul Pal and Michael Saylor's Bitcoin vs Ethereum analysis is deeply flawed, and here is why.

Regarding the Bitcoin vs Ethereum narrative
Allocating capital in Bitcoin but not in Ethereum is a bet that the planned road-map for Ethereum will not be successfully implemented and/or its economic properties will not function as designed once the final phase of ETH 2.0 goes live. The combination of PoS, sharding and EIP-1559 will allow for a monetary policy that can sustain the system with zero, possibly negative, issuance. Detailed explanations of how this is possible has been documented through numerous interviews and blogs with developers and pundits. We also must take into consideration that even if the issuance is above zero, the returns from staking Ether must be accounted to compare the long-term holding value proposition against something like Bitcoin. If the staking rewards provide ~3% annual returns and issuance is ~2% then the equivalent issuance for a PoW protocol would be ~-1% (this will never happen in the Bitcoin protocol).
Addressing the claim that Ether is not money
The narrative that Ether is not money because the Ethereum protocol is not designed to exclusively function as money is akin to saying that the Internet is not a good emailing system because it is not exclusively designed to transmit emails. This type of narrative is trying to restrict the definition of money by suggesting that its underlying protocol should not have functionality that extends beyond the conventional way we think of it. The reality is that Ethereum is much better suited for a digital economy - Ether is its native monetary asset. The ability to issue other forms of digital assets and execute computer logic in a trustless unified system with a natively defined monetary asset encompasses all the fundamental building blocks of a future digital economy. This is a future where monetary, financial and information systems can take advantage of the inclusiveness, permissionless and trustless aspects that are central to the Bitcoin value proposition.
The Ethereum protocol is designed to do a lot of wonderful things, but it costs money to operate the network and that cost must be covered by something of value that can be easily liquidated or exchanged into other things of value.... otherwise known as money. The idea that Ether is more akin to oil than gold/money just because the price metric for computations is called "gas" falls apart under scrutiny. Ether is strictly used as a monetary incentive. It is not magically burned to propel a fictitious machine that runs the network... the computers that run the Ethereum network run under the same physical principles from the ones of Bitcoin - they consume energy and someone has to pay for it. It just so happens that the monetary rewards and cost of transactions operating the Ethereum network are done exclusively in Ether, and therefore it serves as a monetary base. In addition, Ether has been used as the monetary base for the acquisition of other digital assets during their ICO phase. Lastly, Paypal has revealed they will be including Ether as a means of payment for online merchants. Saying that Ether is not money is like saying the sky isn't blue.
Additional thoughts
  1. The combination of staking, EIP-1559 and sharding will allow ETH to reduce issuance ahead of Bitcoin's schedule. It is very likely going to allow for sustainable zero issuance which is something that is still up in the air for Bitcoin.
  2. The switch from PoW to PoS will dramatically reduce the operational cost of the network while incentivizing ownership of Ether. The reduction in operational cost is a huge factor contributing to a sustainable monetary policy.
  3. The true soundness of Ether as a store of wealth needs to account for the returns from staking. That means that even if the nominal issuance remained higher than Bitcoin, it could still a better investment when you account for the staking returns.
  4. Ethereum can operate as an entire financial system. It allows for issuance of new tokens and it can operate autonomously as a digital assets exchange... so that means that it can be an exchange for tokenized FIAT currencies, cryptocurrencies, tokenized securities and commodities. Think of a global market for stocks, commodities, future contracts and derivatives.
  5. The integration with digital assets is done natively in one network. Ethereum serves as a native monetary asset with sound properties. Tokenized bitcoins would not only significantly reduce security (value would be lost if EITHER network is compromised) it also makes little sense if Ethereum's soundness (staking - issuance) is superior to Bitcoin.
  6. There are a gazillion more use cases for Ethereum that would benefit from having a natively defined monetary asset.
  7. Ultimately Bitcoin might serve as digital gold as a hedge against Ethereum. So they can coexist, but they are still competing with each other in terms of building value. Every investor who is getting into cryptocurrencies should be asking what assets to buy and why. Money allocated to Bitcoin cannot be allocated to Ethereum and vice-versa.
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[TASK] Use a Chrome plug in to scrape email addresses from web pages. $3 paypal or bitcoin.

There are four excel lists of web pages to collect email addresses from.
Deliver as a new column in each sheet, and receive $4.
Use any tool you like, but this one is free:
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[ilpt] my indepth guide to ewhoring (250+ a day)

New to this forum so id like to share some of my experience with one of the things that made me a lot, ewhoring.
1) first of your going to want to create a snapchat account, this account must have a high enough snapscore of a couple of thousand to make it look legit as possible, you can boost the snapscore of the account by sending tons of snaps to a bunch of celebrity accounts on snapchat. You can easily find these buy just searching any letter in the search bar and subscribing to all the accounts. add a bitmoji that looks like your girl, you can find a ton of mega links on the internet if you look, try find something not saturated and you should be fine. A good way to look legit on snapchat is of course to send live snaps. To send live snaps uploaded through your camera roll. On iPhone you can use the app prequel. on android you can use chicken cam. Other ways to look legit is to fake your location of the person you’re talking to. My way of doing this was jailbreaking my phone and using snapbreak. you can find tutorials on how to jailbreak everywhere and downloading snapbreak you’ll have to downgrade snapchat first. keep in mind recently snapchat has been banning accounts that have downgraded there snapchat so a way to get around this is to create the account on the downgraded version of snapchat and NEVER update. if you update you won’t be able to use snapbreak without a ban. snapbreak is an amazing tool for all sorts of stuff. Uploading to live snap. faking location. quick switching between accounts, sending snaps to everyone on your snapchat (more than 200 people)
2) one of the first ways i used to get traffic to my account was POF. POF you can create an account with a phone number, with your girl’s pics of course. (do not put add my snap in the bio or you’ll be flagged on the system), just swipe right on everyone and ask everyone to add your snap, "hey add my snap ____ ", people who won’t add you will not buy shit so don’t waste your time. if you do get banned on POF you can use the same phone number a few more times till your perma banned. it’s all about high quality traffic. If you get shit traffic you’ll have a bunch of time wasters on your snap that’s never going to buy. Refrain from doing sfs with other snap chatters unless you want shit traffic. Tinder is also a good source for high quality traffic. all tough once your banned on iPhone you will be mac banned. Changing your ip won’t work and even on a jailbroken iPhone you can’t change your mac. On android devices you can change your mac with rooted devices. I personally wouldn’t go through the effort and I would just make tinder accounts through pc. You can download tmac v6, and any proxy VPN will work. Always remember to clear cookies before creating a new account. Eventually you will run out of phone numbers to use once you get banned but we will get into that in the next step.
​​​​​​​3) and smspool are great tools to get disposable phone numbers to create new accounts. For a small payment of like 50c to $1 per phone number. This can be paid through bitcoin. Hopefully you’ve made enough money at this stage through the traffic you got from your own number. (Yes using your own number is fine if you don’t care about getting banned from TindePOF) anyways. We will talk about how to get your ewhoring money into bitcoin in the next step.
4) Once your money is in bitcoin you can do whatever you want with it, in PayPal if you keep the money in your account to long it can be risked getting locked since you’ll be creating a PayPal account with your girls name/email. PayPal will constantly ask you to verify your account by adding a credit card or sometimes locking your account until you send proof of id. You can only get a maximum of 2500 per unverified PayPal account before they ask for verification (proof of id) you can create new PayPal accounts with new phone numbers through smspva/smspool. Paxful is a great tool to transfer your PayPal money to bitcoin. all tough ive heard you can trade PayPal to bitcoin on multiple other sites. Paxful was the one to work best for me. As I wouldn’t recommend keeping money in your PayPal account to long I suggest getting it into bitcoin asap. After a while paxful will ask for verification on your account. At this point you can just create a new account with a new email/phone number using smspool. I don’t think smspva has paxful verification phone numbers. Personally I traded about 300 at a time on paxful. And id be very wary of scammers. Once the bitcoin is in your paxful wallet. Transfer it to a third party wallet like Blockchain.
5) Let’s get back to the snapchat, remember it’s all about social engineering, get rid of the time wasters, all you want to do is create a private story to post a bunch of nude videos in and put on your main story and try advertise to everyone that your selling a premium snapchat, my prices were 20 monthly 30 lifetime to be a premium member. I charged 40 an hour for video calls. Yes I just blocked them after I received the payment. I charged 150 an hour 400 a night for meetups. With meetup scams I would ask them to pay a 75 deposit through PayPal and id send them the address, they can pay rest cash in hand or in PayPal. Once they would arrive at the address I’ve sent, (this would be a random for sale or address where no one lives in) I would tell them to pay the rest in PayPal and I’ll let them into the house. Even if they said they’d pay the rest in cash id still try tricking them into sending the rest of the payment in PayPal. I’ve made 750 of one guy using this method.

any feed back on this method would be greatly appreciated, tell me what you think :)
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