How To Recover All The Funds If We Can Just Raise $3.5m

My fellow affected users,
I believe at this point, our hopes from the legal process will see recoveries of 5-10% of the total funds. That's still a lot of recovered money, but it's also meaning that most affected users are still losing 90-95% of their funds. For me, this is my single largest financial loss. Many people on here have lost a lot more money, or are affected in serious ways.
I feel a profound sense of duty to help in any way I can. Below is a detailed process (modified version of my last proposal to fix a number of issues pointed out by other Reddit users) which should provide an opportunity to recover all of the lost funds over time. It can be executed now for $3.5m, and of that at least $2m will go right back to affected users within the first year. We have about $200m at stake here, individual users have lost $50m in some cases. It's hard for me to believe that we as a community couldn't pull together these funds.
All of this could be accomplished by purchasing the exchange assets and managing them ourselves in a specific manner. Here's a budget breakdown:
All of these costs add up to $3m and would be expected to purchase and enable the exchange to operate for one full year (12 months). As some costs may not be fully accounted for or unexpected costs can arise, it is recommended to set the funding target at $3.5m.
Raising this money is no easy task. I only have a few recommendations:
Once the funding is completed, the exchange development process would proceed.
Similar ideas have been tried and worked out successfully:
I feel very strongly in doing everything I can to help this situation achieve the best possible outcome. There is a great opportunity here. If we want to proceed with this, we need to build a team and raise the initial capital. I'm happy to help in any way I can, but I can't do this alone. We need some people to sign onto it who can see the potential and are serious about making it happen.
Thank you very much for reading and your support or feedback of this idea.
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