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Bitcoin Unlimtited version available now with public labels (aka voting) and coin freezing!

Recently I've been working on a pull request for Bitcoin Unlimited.
This is in the coin_freeze_cltv branch based on dev. It contains features for the user to freeze coins, to associate public labels with a transaction amount (aka voting) as well as fixes for transaction searching.
These features can be merged into Bitcoin Unlimited but we need more user feedback and testing. If you can help test and provide feedback that would be great. If you can help create a deb package for the source that would also be a great help. Otherwise if you could just provide general feedback and let the other devs know if you want these features. If there is demand I will code more .... right now I am thinking about a Bitcoin Supply Chart in the Overview tab that incorporates the mining scchedule, frozen coins and compares your wallet balance versus current and upcoming supply. Freezing coins could be a powerful way for users to indicate which side of a fork they prefer. I also have prepared a draft design of an onchain exchange(ONX) between pre&post fork coins. In this way the community can bet on forking before it happens ONCHAIN!
Regarding associating public labels with a transaction amount other than zero that is not native as amounts in the same output as the OP_RETURN are NOT spendable. So this feature was achieved by associating OP_RETURN public label output with the following UTXO. In this way public labels are associated with transaction amounts and so the community can use the same public label to vote on the same topic! The user spends to themselves using a public label and in so doing commits the amount toward that publc label. When multiple users use the exact same public label their unspent amounts are aggregated. The "Top Public Labels" are therefore available as a list on their own tab sorted by the aggregate of UNSPENT amounts currently associated with the public label. When a user wants to unvote their coins they just spend them again with a new public label or none.
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[dev] A quick update, and a work in progress smart contracts guide

As much as it seems odd saying this with a sticky at the top of the subreddit, I do know some people don't read stickies, so - Dogecoin Core 1.10.0 IS OUT NOW and it's a huge security update you really do need. However, it does require reindexing the blocks on disk, and if you absolutely cannot do so (i.e. you run a service that can't handle the downtime right now), there's also Dogecoin Core 1.8.3 which has the most important parts back ported to it. If you use Dogecoin Core, you need to upgrade to one of these two, seriously.
On that note, we've got about 20-25% upgraded now; there's an (approximate) pie chart at that you can watch if you're really curious. I'm seeing 1.10.0 nodes come online then go offline - if you can keep a 1.10.0 node online, it would be much appreciated. I've got a few EC2 nodes online while the update rolls out, as well, to help support the numbers.
Enough of that, what's coming next? bitcoinj & Multidoge HD work is more or less just rolling along quietly waiting primarily on others at the moment. We're planning out Dogecoin Core 1.11, which will be based on Bitcoin Core 0.12. The big new thing in there will be OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY (often shortened to CLTV), which finally lets us use smart contracts securely on the main Dogecoin block chain. It's going out to Bitcoin in their 0.11.2 release, however as we've just released a client, we're going to skip that one (or, it may be produced as a version we test but never release).
I promised everyone a guide to smart contracts, and... well it's gone a bit awry. What I thought would be around 6 pages is now at 9 pages and growing, so it's going to take a while to finish. However, it does cover the basics, and hopefully is enough to both let a general audience understand what smart contracts are, and a more technical audience understand how they can use smart contracts. The document so far is up at but there should be further revisions later.
Lastly, testnet - there's still a lot of old nodes on testnet, please update to 1.10.0, especially if you're mining (because someone's generating old v2 blocks and they're causing problems).
I'm away the weekend of the 29th, so that update is likely to be on the 30th instead, but I'll try to get something out that weekend. Might be quiet for a bit while the dust settles on the new release, anyway!
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The Logical Dude - YouTube AlphaTrader - Charting Charting Implied Volatility BTC - Bitcoin Technical Analysis. Time to short the corn? What Is Lifetime Value? - YouTube

Realtime CoinLoan (CLT) price chart with volume profile and technical indicator. Chicago Mercantile Exchange Bitcoin Charts Reference Rate A reference rate that can be used for institutional and contractual reference, provided as part of investment data feeds by the CME. In addition to these various sites and applications, most bitcoin value wallets will automatically convert amounts between bitcoin value and other currencies. (Bitcoin-Chart) John will use his wallet to ... Charts; Market Pairs. Social; Tools; Historical Data; Ratings; On-Chain Analysis; News; Loading... About Cleverbot. Cleverbot (CLT) is a cryptocurrency . Cleverbot has a current supply of 0. The last known price of Cleverbot is 0.0003657 USD and is up 0.00 over the last 24 hours. Cleverbot Price. Cleverbot Price: $0.000366 USD: Cleverbot ROI. No Data : Market Rank: No Data: Market Cap: No Data ... CoinLoan (CLT) price based on hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges. Charts, ranks, volume, ROI, ATH, EMA & other analytics - everything you may need. Watchlist, alerts & price levels predictions - use or lose. Track current CoinLoan prices in real-time with historical CLT USD charts, liquidity, and volume. Get top exchanges, markets, and more.

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The Logical Dude - YouTube

Customer lifetime value is the single most important metric for understanding your customers. 11 sep 2014 also, just 42. An introduction to lifetime value mo... This is an overview of how to use the charts in the WorldWideMarkets Forex trading platform AlphaTrader. You will learn how to change chart types, time frames, and customize the features of the ... Share Navigator show you how to chart implied volatility in the options market for stocks. Very useful when trading credit and debit spreads. Cryptocurrency news and market information from Be Cool Be Real Always Abide And Think Logically Twitter: @adamthedude420 Steemit htt... Close. This video is unavailable.