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I promise I have not done any serious drugs today. But here are a few forward thinking thinks

Well, here we are. Bitcoin. One million bits per coin, one hundred satoshis per bit. Every single person in this decentralized universe has their own views on pretty much everything, these are mine, with as little explanation as possible.
Traditional currencies are overvalued, and getting worse by the moment with the creation of debt in every mortgage, every student loan, every refinance, and so on.
Bitcoin code must stay as true to the original white paper as possible, until the time growth mandates an adjustment not accounted for.
Gemini, Seventh Continent, Xapo, Coinbase, BitPay, and others aren't just going to shut their doors because the exchange rate changes. I can pretty much assume they are planning on years of business ahead of them, not just months, weeks or days.
When boredom takes hold, petty stuff becomes the main issue at hand.
BitLicense is a necessary thing, if only in NY, so there can be regulations for the follow the rules types on wall street.
I believe by the end of next month there will be a global economic adjustment. I don't know how it will be handled or how immediately the average person will see the effects, but speaking mathematically in terms of US debt, we are nearly to default. The interest payments on our current loans are beyond what our economy can handle, and its true nearly everywhere.
I believe bitcoin won't bump itself up in value automatically, or with pumps, or good news, or bad news. I believe we're at the point where bitcoin has become legitimized and now we simply must observe and adapt as traditional currencies fail. They were never built for the digital age nor were they designed against corruption throughout the banking system.
The minimum wage bump to $15 is only to make it possible for the lowest wage earners to continue paying for things that are deemed necessary and valuable by the corporate side of the world. There is an uprising coming, can't predict when or how, but if I had to bet it'd be around the fourth blood moon of this year, next month. Historically speaking, astronomical occurrences have signaled changes in mankind. The timing of this one is not surprising.
I realize this is simply a self post, that no one will agree with me, and that I'm probably wrong on every point. But hey, it's Sunday, the world is changing, and there are many things bitcoin can do that other things can't, or can't do effectively, and simply based on that we are actually in a good place, and I'm still converting dollars to BTC, just like I have for the past few years, regardless of exchange rate or fluctuations. Maybe I'm just a bagholding idiot like I assume some would say, but maybe I know that for the average person they will never become a millionaire (it will take me 400+ years at my current rate to have a million dollars, and its like that for the majority of the 99%) or, I could have one full coin and be a millionaire now. Ignorant or not, guess which choice I've made.?
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