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Nyce i7-7700k workstation? (flexible budget -- help spend my Bitcoin!)

Here is a link to my proposed build from the snowy NorthEast USofA:
My workstation is intended for business use, for the time being i have no intent on purchasing a discrete GPU. I work remotely, in DevOps / Support so primary use is whatever daily multi-tasking is required at any given moment. My aging Dell Optiplex 390 has been stretched thin. We're a .NET shop, so the usual suspects will be installed. I've done what i can to cut corners so that i could justify splurging a little on the CPU, with the intent of someday (maybe soon) gunning for that magic 5.0GHz mark.
All components will be purchased from NewEgg, because they're a civilized vendor that accepts bitcoin. I was happy when i purchased my ERX from NewEgg using BTC in anticipation of fiber being installed later this week. Now the pc upgrade is a must. Probably ordering this week. Budget is fluid, i just have to be able to justify the costs (which i'm pretty good at justifying most anything). Despite what the build may suggest, i'm no Corsair fanboy, just sort of happened that way.
What is the consensus on the storage choice? I also have a 1TB WD Black i'll almost certainly drop into this machine for data storage, but most will be done across the network on either my OpenMediaVault NAS, or Linux Mint Plex Media Server. Will this AIO cooler fit into my case? I've researched dimensions as best as i possibly can, but i feel liek i'm missing out on something. I might be out of thermal paste. Is that going to be an issue for overclocking?
What would YOU change/upgrade or do differently? Thank you for taking the time to read my little post.
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Coinbase, the cryptocurrency behemoth based in San Francisco, has announced that it is shuttering its multi-signature bitcoin storage platform known as Coinbase Vault. After April 19th, 2018, the ... A step by step guide on how buy Bitcoin Vault (BTCV) on Coineal exchange. Bitcoin Vault - A higher standard in security Telegram: htt... Storage vault size guide for customers. Console Vault Ford F150 Security for Your Center Console - Duration: 2:15. Travel Gear and Advice by CorporateTravelSafety Recommended for you Heute geht's um folgende Themen: EZB-Chef bekräftigt Regulierungsabsage, Cold Storge Vault für Krypto & Volinex Bitcoin Debit Karten gescheitert. 1.) Volinex Bitcoin Debit Karten gescheitert COINiD is the next generation wallet that supports offline storage without the need to purchase specialized hardware. Read more: Join the ...