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Bitcoin lets people exchange money electronically as easily as sending an email or text. To send money, you use what’s called a “Wallet” app to type in an amount, enter or scan a recipient’s account number, and hit ”Send”. The recipient will then see the money pop up in their account. So how does it work? At a basic level Bitcoin is just a ledger with account numbers and balances ... Bitcoin Vision: distributed currency exchange medium with the virtue of simplicity. Supports Turing-incomplete scripting language. Tedious currency tracking model. 17 Ethereum Vision: a transaction-based state machine, or a virtual environment EVM, that runs distributed applications (Dapps). Supports Turing-complete scripting language. money. Bitcoin does not have a central government, so how are bitcoins created? With bitcoin, people use specialized software to solve math problems, and in exchange they are 3 For how bitcoin works, bitcoin mining, popularity of bitcoin, see bitcoinmining.com, khanacademy.org, and Imponderable Things (Scott Week5- Bitcoin and Business discussion . See the attached questions. and book 1) Create a new thread. As indicated above, create a new thread, choose a use case from section III, and a risk for adoption from section IV. Describe a real blockchain-based product that implements your chosen use case and how your chosen risk could impact the project’s success. Then think of three questions you ... Conclusion • Bitcoin is decentralized cryptocurrency • Transferred person to person • No bank or government control • Low transaction fees • Bitcoin solves “double spend” problem through distributed network – Proof of work – Hash • Open to anyone – Public ledger – Block chain • Very difficult and expensive to hack – Winning a lottery consecutive times in 10 minutes ...

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